What’s that in the sky? UFOs, drones and rock and roll

Screenshot from video
Screenshot from video

A mystery object appeared in the skies of New York in a video, according to Yahoo News, which many have quickly deemed a UFO. Strictly speaking, it is an Unidentified Flying Object until it is identified, but some seem to be implying this may not be a Cessna, Bombardier or any other human-engineered flight.

In unrelated news a drone was spotted near a commercial aircraft in New York on Monday at John F. Kennedy International Airport, according to the FAA. The FAA says it gets multiple reports a day from pilots saying they spotted unmanned aerial vehicles, despite it being illegal.

Ticket sales at Malaysia Airlines continues to be bad, according to Bloomberg, as investigators in France test a recently recovered wing part to see whether it is one of the parts from missing Flight 370. The airline is reportedly preparing for a name-change on Sept. 1 and will look to cut costs.

The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that Allegiant Air’s cost cutting is leading to “record-high growth.” It uses older airplanes, according to the Times, a couple of which have had to make emergency landings this summer, including Monday as passengers reportedly smelled smoke from an engine.

Italian rockers taught themselves to fly in a new video which shows a thousand Italians singing the Foo Fighters song “Learn to Fly.”

Dave Grohl, the lead singer for the Foo Fighters, did not disappoint, responding with a video in Italian that said, “We are coming” – apparently the same message of drone pilots, low-cost airlines and UFOs everywhere.