Air Capital Insider

Wichita Aero Club aligns membership with flying club

Wichita Aero Club said Wednesday it has reached an agreement making its members eligible to join the Air Capital Aviators, the former Boeing Flying Club.

Aero Club president Dave Franson said the agreement comes as part of the organization’s efforts to enhance its membership offerings. “Without question, the most obvious one … has been the access to a fleet of affordable rental aircraft, flight training and a well-structured organization that maintains and administers it.”

Air Capital Aviators fleet comprises two Cessna 172 Skyhawks and a 182 Skylane with retractable landing gear.

“Both organizations have a common goal of strengthening the Wichita aviation community,” said Air Capital Aviators vice president Chad Raney. “Now this includes and affordable option for aspiring or current WAC pilots to take to the air.”

Aero Club said it has also struck agreements with other area businesses that provide discounts and special pricing at hotels, restaurants and two specialty retailers.

The new offerings apply to individual and employees of corporate members of Aero Club.