Air Capital Insider

Air Capital Insider is back

Welcome back to the Air Capital Insider, with a new pilot in command.

I am Jerry Siebenmark, and while I may not have the flying credentials of my predecessor — though I do have two hours in the left seat of a Cessna Skyhawk — I am enthusiastically embracing my new role as the aviation reporter for The Wichita Eagle.

I have been an aviation buff for as long as I can remember. I was 8 years old when I went on my first flight in a Cessna 150 in Idaho. Since then I have flown on all sorts of aircraft, including a Piper Cub and a Coast Guard C-130. I am also an Air Force veteran, even though my job in the service was flying a desk.

I sort of come from an aviation family, with a sister who’s worked as a station manager for numerous airlines over the years and a brother-in-law who commands a Boeing 767 freighter for a living.

It’s my goal to keep this blog fresh with updates several times a week – with news and observations that may not rise to the level of a news story but are still relevant to the area’s business, general and commercial aviation industries, and local aviation enthusiasts.

If you have something to share, news or otherwise, feel free to drop me a line at, or call me at 316-268-6576. I would also encourage you to follow me on Twitter at @jsiebenmark.