Getting to know: Branden McGlaughlin

Branden McLaughlin
Branden McLaughlin Courtesy photo

Branden McGlaughlin

Private wealth banker, CrossFirst Bank

Having held a number of different positions in banking, McGlaughlin thinks his current job blends the best aspects of all of them.

He works with clients who have a high net worth.

“It’s really whatever that client would need, whether it’s personal accounts, personal loans, business loans, business line of credit,” he said. “I really like the hands-on individual client contact, and then also it’s something different every day.”

McGlaughlin, 33, grew up in southeast Kansas. He worked at Best Buy during college at Wichita State University, eventually moving into management. He transferred to one of the chain’s stores in Tulsa while his wife, Carly, attended law school there. She’s now a lawyer at Koch Industries.

A contact in Tulsa led McGlaughlin to a job with Bank of America. He managed a branch for four years, then worked in mortgage lending and business lending before moving to CrossFirst in April.

The McGlaughins have two children: Carson, 3, and Logan, 1. McLaughlin said he likes living in College Hill, where his wife grew up, almost as much as she does.

“Just the big trees, the neighborhood, the older houses,” he said. “You love the trees, but then you have to clean up after them.”

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