Getting to Know: Diane Carver

Diane Carver

Vice president for Wichita region, Saint Francis Community Services

Carver has spent her career working with children in one way or another, including 20 years with the Kansas Department for Children and Families.

An El Dorado native who still calls that city home, Carver earned a bachelor’s degree in social work from the University of Kansas.

“I went to school in order to have the ability to work with people, and I went into social work because I felt like that discipline really used lots of expertise from a lot of different disciplines that you had to pull together to make good decisions for families,” she said.

In between stints with the DCF, Carver worked for the Four Winds Girl Scout Council, a day care association in Iowa and the Red Cross in Dallas.

Carver left the DCF in January as the Wichita region’s interim assistant regional director of programs. At Saint Francis, a nonprofit faith-based provider, she will oversee foster care, re-integration and adoption programs in Wichita and surrounding communities.

She enjoys reading, gardening, theater and the fine arts.

Joe Stumpe