Featured business person: Stacy Jones

Stacey Jones
Stacey Jones Courtesy photo

Jones has now seen a few sides of the marketing business and figures she’s better off for it.

In 2011, after years in marketing and communications, she and a partner launched a product – ScrapBands, an elastic band designed to hold bulging scrapbooks together.

“Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out, but it sure was fun trying,” she said.

She thinks the experience will be invaluable in helping Cohlmia clients.

Jones was born in Phoenix and grew up here, graduating from Northwest High School and earning a degree in journalism and mass communications from Kansas State University.

“I really just enjoyed writing as long as I can remember. Back in high school, I enjoyed writing poetry and my creative writing class.”

Jones worked as an assistant art director for Fox KSAS-TV, then spent 12 years as publications director and media coordinator for the Pioneer Balloon Co. She also worked for Tiger Financial, parent company of Speedy Cash, and stayed home to raise her son before helping start ScrapBands with a friend who, like Jones, enjoys scrapbooking.

She started work at Cohlmia in November and is working with clients ranging from a fitness trainer to financial and medical firms.

“That’s what’s fun about it,” she said. “I enjoy not only working with the client but having a variety of industries represented.”

Jones said she and her husband, Troy, like watching movies, playing pingpong and otherwise hanging out with their son, Ryan.

Joe Stumpe