BKD’s Pickert leads fundraiser for new KU business school building

The University of Kansas School of Business said partners and employees of BKD, an accounting firm, have raised more than $300,000 for the school’s new building.

KU said in a news release that Bill Pickert, managing partner of BKD’s Wichita office, led the fundraising effort. Pickert and his wife, Traci, both earned bachelor’s degrees from KU.

KU said Pickert and his wife and 10 others contributed to the effort. BKD also provided a matching donation, KU said in the release.

“During my years at the University of Kansas, I not only developed a number of great lifelong relationships, but the education and the mentorship of the professors was instrumental in my professional career,” Pickert said in a statement.

Construction on the new building began in spring 2014, and it is expected to open for classes in fall 2016.