Taxes are still too high say businesses in Kansas Chamber survey

A survey of Kansas businesses by the Kansas Chamber of Commerce show that high taxes are still the the issue that respondents say is their biggest concern.

The chamber releases its annual survey at the start of the Legislative session, which started this week.

Twenty-eight percent of the 300 poll respondents said that taxes were their top concern, which hasn’t changed much since 2010, despite tax income cuts on businesses and personal income, said Pat McFerron of Cole Hargraves Snodgrass, whose firm conducted the research.

He said Thursday that about a fifth of respondents said they were able to stay in business because of the tax cuts, while 4 percent said they were able to add employees.

About three quarters of businesses also said they wanted a political solution for illegal immigration.

And respondents’ opinion of the Kansas Legislature fell, as the percent of those saying it performed poorly was 36 percent, up sharply from the year before.