Former Cessna exec forms new consultancy firm

A former executive for Cessna, Robert Stangarone, has formed a business consultancy group that aims to aid clients internationally.

Stangarone & Associates said in a news release that its consultants would specialize in aviation, aerospace, defense and air travel.

Stangarone is a former vice president for corporate communications for Cessna.

The group has a regional associate in Wichita, as well regional associates in London, Rome, Hamburg, Singapore, Hong Kong, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles and Denver.

The Wichita associate is Lindon Bontz, a former Cessna executive who now heads Visual Media Group, according to the group’s website. The website also says that Jack Pelton, former chairman, president and chief executive officer of Cessna Aircraft Company, is associated with the group.

The new group said it would offer consulting expertise in such areas as: aircraft design, engineering and manufacturing; aircraft certification, safety and flight standards; mergers and acquisitions; fundraising; market analysis and forecasting; aircraft sales, airline and general aviation startups and operations; regulatory compliance; and government and public affairs.

The firm’s website is