Wichita, the Hot Tub Capital?

When you think of a soothing warm soak, you think Wichita, right?

An apartment listing website ranks the River City third among all U.S. cities for its love of hot tubs.

Devin O’Brien, head of strategic marketing at Zumper, said the company searched its 500,000 October listings for the words “hot tub” and found that, in Wichita, 3.7 percent of all rental listings featured a hot tub in their blurbs.

Even he was a bit surprised. Upon a deeper look, he found that a big chunk of the listings come from apartment communities, he said.

“Maybe people in Wichita feel that’s something they look at when they pick a community,” he said.

Krysti Struble, assistant manager for East Hampton Estates, said that is, in fact, the case.

Her complex has a hot tub indoors, next to its indoor pool. It fits at least eight.

It’s used for hours every day, in the afternoon for the first shifters and later in the evening for the second shifters.

It’s one of the features the complex highlights when it participates in shows and when it advertises – and it gets good response.

“People know they can come in and use it all day, year round,” she said.

Dave Garretson, longtime owner of Flint Hills Spas in Wichita, said he has sold a few tubs to local apartment complexes.

He advises complexes and others on the importance of devoting the time and money necessary to keep heavily used hot tubs disinfected.

“That kind of surprises me,” he said, of the ranking. “But it’s a great amenity, very popular, particularly when they keep the water clean.”

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