Credit unions kick off annual giveaway program

Area credit unions will be giving away $25 gift cards starting at 11 a.m. Thursday, May 7, at the Kwik Shop in Derby as part of the Kansas Credit Union Association’s Make a Difference statewide event.

KCUA said in a news release that it will give the KwikShop gift cards to 100 customers visiting the store at 1431 N. Rock.

It said a second giveaway event will be held in the Wichita area Thursday afternoon.

The Derby giveaway is part of a larger campaign in which the association and member credit unions stage events in 16 Kansas communities. Credit unions across the state will be giving away a total of $32,000 worth of gift cards, gas or cash, according to the release.

Wichita credit unions participating in the event are: Credit Union of America, Meritrust Credit Union, Mid American Credit Union, TECU Credit Union, Skyward Credit Union, Wheat State Credit Union and Wichita Federal Credit Union.