Getting to know: Aleksandra Buhr

Aleksandra Buhr
Aleksandra Buhr

Aleksandra Buhr

Medical director, Vis Clinic

An avid fan of yoga and organic gardening, Buhr is a physician who practices what she prescribes.

Or maybe doesn’t prescribe.

“I know the drugs, I know how to use them, but now, that’s not my first go-to anymore,” she said.

Buhr specializes in functional medicine, which focuses on addressing chronic disease through healthy lifestyle changes, dietary adjustments, detoxification and other methods.

Born in Poland, Buhr moved to this country when she was 6.

“I can speak Polish, but people tell me I have an American accent when I do.”

Both her parents are physicians, as was one of her grandfathers.

“I think it’s the only profession I knew,” she said. “I always loved biology, the workings of the human body, and I was intrigued by diseases.”

Buhr earned a biology degree from Belmont University in Nashville and a medical degree from Poznan University in Poland, then completed her family medicine residency at East Tennessee State University in Kingsport, Tenn.

She spent a year working as a family physician in a “very busy” community health center in New Zealand, then realized she “wanted to do more. I wanted to help bring back to health people I was prescribing drugs for every three months.

“I really wanted to have more tools in my toolbox, so to speak.”

To get them, Buhr worked and trained at the Riordan Clinic on North Hillside from 2014 to last year. She had moved here with her husband, Nathan, who’s a photographer and Wichita native.

She started at Vis Clinic on East Douglas last fall, although she still teaches a weekly yoga class in one of the pyramids at Riordan.

Buhr starts her treatment of new patients with a two-hour session to learn as much as she can about them to try to “put the pieces of the puzzle together.”

“I guess I see myself as partnering with my patients, as a guide and support system on their journey.”

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