Wichita is 'winning' its feud with actor Johnny Depp, reports the Atlantic Wire

WICHITA –The Wichita-Johnny Depp feud continues to get attention.

The Atlantic Wire, an online news aggregating branch of the Atlantic magazine, reports on the battle over how intelligent Wichita moviegoers are with a story headlined “Johnny Depp Thinks He’s Too Smart for Wichita.”

It all started with a Sunday story in the Guardian newspaper in Britain in which Depp, trying to defend the lackluster performance of his movie “The Rum Diary,” blames Midwest audiences such as those in Wichita for not appreciating smart movies.

After Have You Heard? reported Wichitans’ reactions to Depp’s comments, the Guardian did a follow-up report on its front page on Thursday.

Now, the Atlantic Wire is reporting on the situation and sums it up by saying:

“Who’s Winning Now: Wichita. It’s not just that The Rum Diary has a score of 56 on Metacritic or a 51 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. But for someone preaching about intelligence, Depp went about it in such a ham-fisted way.  Depp has always straddled that line of serious actor and sell out, and audiences have, for the most part, forgiven him for it (the way they do Robert Downey Jr.). But blasting the Midwest for a lack of intelligence and taste is as contrived as it is cliché, and not a good idea when your movie is already flailing in the box office (alienating your customers is not a good business plan). Granted, box-office success and movie quality aren’t always relative, but it’s also entirely possible that Johnny Depp made a bad, unintelligent movie that won’t bring in the money and it isn’t Wichita’s fault that he did.”