Cox clears snow to thank customers

Cohlmia Marketing owner Carol Skaff was working at home Tuesday afternoon when someone with Cox Communications Kansas knocked at her door.

"This very nice guy with a beautiful smile said, 'Hi, are you Ms. Skaff?' "

As she later posted on her Facebook page: "I'm thinking he's either here to upsell me or report a service problem."

That wasn't the case.

"We want to thank you for your business, and we're offering you free snow removal," the man said.

He handed Skaff a flier about it.

"I was a little bit speechless," she said, "and I just sat there for a second and went, 'Oh, OK.' "

The snow shoveling, which Cox hired Complete Landscaping Systems to do, is something the company considers a random act of kindness.

"With the weather being what it is, we thought, 'OK, well, would there be anyone we could identify as a Cox customer that we would be able to help out today?' " said spokeswoman Sarah Kauffman. "It was just a, 'Hey, what can we do that would be nice?' "

She's hoping it doesn't turn into a no-good-deed-goes-unpunished situation. The company can't shovel all its customers' drives. It's aiming for about 300 randomly chosen ones.

"It wouldn't be random if we did every customer's home," Kauffman said.

Nor is the company taking requests, so don't bother calling or e-mailing.

"We will not be going in the business of snow shoveling, if that's what you're asking," Kauffman says. "We'll stick to our core competencies."

To the Cox customers whose drives will go unshoveled, Kauffman has this to say:

"Well, we hope there will be another random act of kindness day in the future, so I guess just be watching out for it."