Bill Ramsey, 'that Bill guy,' turned skills into business

Bill Ramsey, owner of the Bill Guy Technology Solutions.
Bill Ramsey, owner of the Bill Guy Technology Solutions. The Wichita Eagle

The Bill Guy Technology Solutions has come a long way since Bill Ramsey started it in 2001, just a few weeks before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and in the midst of a recession.

The company has expanded, both in terms of its scope of work as well as its number of employees.

When Ramsey, who grew up outside of Bentley, started the company, it was just him. It was a "break-fix" company, he said, meaning businesspeople and consumers would call him at a moment's notice to quickly fix a piece of malfunctioning computer hardware.

"I was just working out of the house and on a cell phone," he said.

After marrying and starting to raise a family, Ramsey said, he realized in 2004 that he had other people counting on him to make a living. "I needed to quit treating the business like a hobby."

So he expanded the company's services beyond computer repair and began to focus on serving only commercial clients.

Today the company serves as a managed information technology services company, providing network maintenance, network and hardware monitoring, website design and hosting, PC and server sales, and software development.

The company also is launching Voice Over Internet Protocol telephone services to its customers.

Ramsey got his start in the tech business through his enlistment in the Navy, doing computer and network security. While in the service, he said, he wrote a computer program that cut the Navy's paperwork consumption by 97 percent. He said he won an award from the Navy for it.

In a nine-month period between 2006 and 2007, the company went from Ramsey as the sole employee to seven.

Ramsey said during that period he saw a surge in clients. He also realized that he was stretching himself too much as the company's only employee.

"I'm a technician at heart, and for the longest time it was just me," Ramsey said. "The most challenging part was realizing I can't do all these things. I had to let them go, to be the business person and not the worker."

The name for his company came about accidentally, he said. One time he arrived at a client's home only to be announced by the person at the door, "That Bill guy is here," Ramsey said.

Ramsey said he and his employees don't take themselves too seriously. It's one way to make working at the company a little bit fun and relaxing.

For example, on Ramsey's business card, under his name is the acronym HGIC. That stands for head geek in charge, he said.

"We try to loosen it up and lighten it up," Ramsey said.

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