Eaton Steakhouse is closing

Eaton Steakhouse reported on Twitter this morning that it had decided to close the restaurant at 523 E. Douglas.

The restaurant said it was "looking forward to serve you again soon at our new location" but did not give additional information.

Owners Steve and Stephanie Compton couldn't be reached for comment.

A spokesman for Metro Plains, owner-manager of Eaton Place, had no information about the restaurant's plans but said it would vacate the space by 5 p.m. Saturday.

Eaton Place had earlier sued Eaton Steakhouse to evict the restaurant and recover what it said was unpaid rent.

"We just came to an agreement that it had to end," the spokesman said. "They weren't able to have enough business or to be open long enough.... They just couldn't afford to be open."

Eaton Place's broker will be actively seeking a new tenant for the space, the spokesman said.