Cargill executive Jody Horner leaves to become Nebraska college president

Jody Horner
Jody Horner Courtesy photo

Jody Horner, president of Cargill Meat Solutions, is leaving the company to become president of Midland University in Fremont, Neb.

Her position will be largely assumed by Ruth Kimmelshue, who will remain as president of the company’s turkey and cooked meats units. Some of the president’s responsibilities will also be distributed to the heads of other Cargill meat units, said Cargill spokesman Mike Martin.

Cargill Meat Solutions is an umbrella company over Cargill’s North American beef, pork and turkey, food service, food distribution and case ready units, all based in Wichita. The president has extensive community involvement demands and is generally the face of Cargill for the meat side of the business.

Horner will be at Cargill through the end of the month, Martin said.

Horner was president of Cargill’s salt business, based in Minnesota, when she came to Wichita in 2008 to become president of Cargill Meat Solutions and Cargill Case Ready.

She has also served on the board of regents at St. Olaf College – a Lutheran private school in Northfield, Minn.

At Midland, Horner will succeed Ben Sasse, who was elected Nov. 4 to the U.S. Senate.

“We’re sorry to see her go,” Martin said. “It was her decision to leave. She’s been with Cargill for 30 years, but this was a good opportunity for her.”