Hog farm in northwest Missouri could open by April

SAVANNAH, Mo. | Despite objections from some neighbors, a northwest Missouri farmer says he may begin operating a large hog farm as early as April.

Joe Knorr wants to change his 287-acre farm two miles northeast of Savannah to a hog-feeding operation capable of handling 9,600 pigs a year. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources is considering a permit request from Knorr.

Ralph Stanton of Savannah asked the Savannah Board of Education last week to officially oppose the hog farm. He says smells from the farm would spread over much of Andrew County. The county's health department recently adopted a regulation that might prohibit the farm so close to Savannah.

The St. Joseph News-Press reports that Knorr would like to begin construction in January. He hasn't said how the farm is being financed.