Police release dashcam video of Ward Parkway shooter

Kansas City police today released a videotape showing a shootout between an officer and a gunman who later drove to Ward Parkway and killed two shoppers.

Police released the tape because a grand jury recently cleared the officer of any wrongdoing in the April 27 shootout, which injured both the officer and gunman.

The officer suffered a bullet hole in his right arm, which can be seen on the videotape as the officer uses his wounded arm to fire at the gunman’s fleeing car. The video was taken from the officer’s van.

The gunman, later identified as David Logsdon, was hit at least once in the torso in the exchange. He then drove to the shopping center and carried out a deadly rampage. Police said he left a blood trail from his wound when he walked into the mall and collapsed because he was losing so much blood, police said.

A police officer eventually surprised Logsdon inside the mall in front of Target, Logsdon’s former employer. The officer blasted Logsdon twice with a shotgun, killing him.

The tape released today shows the encounter with the first officer at the convenience store near Bannister Road and Lydia Avenue. The officer pulled up behind a maroon car parked in the lot because it matched the description of one owned by a woman who was found murdered inside her home. The woman was Logsdon’s next-door neighbor, Patricia Reed, 67.

When the officer approached the car, the driver tried to back up. The camera records the back seat and tail end of the car, so its driver and the officer are not in the camera’s view. But you can hear their interaction.

“Hey!” the officer yells. “Let me see your hands! Let me see your hands! Don’t pull a gun on me. Stop! Turn it off!”

The officer yells four more times for the driver to turn off the car’s engine.

“I’m just checking to see if this car’s all right,” the officer explains.

The driver apparently refuses to turn the car off and the officer yells two more times to “turn it off!”

Then he yells “Don’t pull a gun on me” three times before the driver points to his own head and asks the officer to shoot him.

“Put it right there,” the driver says twice.

“No way,” the officer responds.

The car rocks back and forth as the two wrestle over the driver’s gun. The officer gains control of the gun and the driver says:

“You got one chance partner. Put it right there.”

The driver then pulls a second gun.

“Drop the gun, man!” the officer shouts.

“Don’t make me do this,” the driver says, as he struggles with the officer over the second gun.

Five gunshots pierce the air.

“Ugh!” the officer says, obviously in pain. He runs behind his police van for cover.

The driver then flees in his car.

The officer comes around the front of his van and fires back, 12 times. The video shows the officer walking in front of his patrol van firing the last several shots.

“239,” the officer says into his radio, giving his radio number to his dispatcher. “I’ve been shot. It’s a white male suspect, southbound.”

Meanwhile, the officer has reloaded his gun. He fires 9 more times at the fleeing gunman.

“239,” the officer says into his radio. “I’m fine. He shot me through the right arm, but I’m fine.”

Police believe Logsdon killed his neighbor in her south Kansas City home days before the April 27 shootings.

He also killed Leslie Noble Ballew, 33, of Kansas City and Luke A. Nilges, 30, of Shawnee outside Ward Parkway before entering the mall looking for more victims.

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