Adopt a pet (Sept. 17, 2016)

Leo Pals Animal Rescue

Leo, a delightful 7-month-old shih-tzu, is available from Pals Animal Rescue. He and his brother, Percy, came to Pals when their owner went into the hospital and could no longer care for them. Leo likes his brother but would really like a home of his own as he doesn’t like to always have his brother around. Pals has four shih-tzus available for adoption.

Also available from Pals:

▪ Maci, a delightful little terrier mix, is very sweet but a bit shy. She is a great dog once she gets to know you. Great with other dogs, she is house-trained and crate-trained and just waiting for her forever home.

See Leo, Maci and other Pals dogs from 1 to 2:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 17, at PetSmart at 3617 N. Rock Road. For more information, go to or call 316-990-3647.

Spyro, a 1-year-old male American pit bull terrier mix, is available for adoption from Kansas Humane Society.

Looking for an handsome guy that’s gonna help you turn heads? Pick me! Pick me! I’m always flashing people my big smile here at the humane society. I love to run all over the shelter and say “Hi” to folks. I love attention and being in the middle of everybody’s business. Guess that’s why they call me a “Go Getter.” I’m always on the move looking for something exciting to do. It’d be great to have a best friend to do those things with, though. I’d love to find someone who is as outgoing and upbeat as I am. Maybe it could be you. I’m sure I can win you over with one of my classic pittie-smiles, so let’s meet today.

Also available from KHS:

▪ Dougal, 8-month-old male terrier mix

Hey there. The name is Dougal and I’m as funny as I am cute. I’m what they call a “goofball” here at the shelter. I’ve got lots of tricks up my sleeve to keep you and your family laughing. What can I say? I think life is just better if you keep things light-hearted. I’ve got plenty of that bubbly-puppy like energy to go around. But I’m also a lover. After we get a good play session in, I’ll be content to curl up with you on the couch and cuddle while we watch our favorite movie. Mine is “Homeward Bound.” Hopefully soon I’ll be on my way to your home.

▪ Fruity Pebbles, 3-year-old female pointer/American pit bull terrier mix

I’m Fruity Pebbles and I’m a super duper fun-lovin’ gal. I love to PLAY. They call me the “Life of the Party” here at the Kansas Humane Society because I’m always bringing a smile to people’s face. I just greet everyone with a big wiggly wag of my tail and then flash ’em my signature smile. Now if only I could charm someone into giving me a home of my very own. I’m part of the Lonely Hearts Club here at the shelter, which means I’ve been waiting for a while now for someone to give me a second chance.

▪ Freckles, 9-year-old male cat, domestic medium-hair

I am one fat cat. Not like “fat” meaning “cool” — I am actually quite large. That just means there’s more of me to love. Right? I’m like a real live Garfield, if you think about it. Plus they gave me a cool spot to hang out in here at the shelter since I’m too big to fit comfortably in the kennels. I’m a pretty friendly guy. I like to lie next to you and head-butt you until you give me some attention. I also like to just chill off to the side and observe what is going on outside. My digs here are pretty cool but I’m really looking for a home of my own. Maybe I could move in with you? Don’t forget to bring an extra-large carrier. There’s a lot of love filling out this body.

▪ Tate, 2-month-old male kitten, domestic shorthair mix

I’m quite an outgoing guy. I had to be to get any attention in my family. You see, I’ve got five brothers and sisters. Our mommy’s owner brought us here to the Kansas Humane Society after she couldn’t find homes for all of us. Now that we’re 2 months old, we’re all ready to find homes of our own. I know I’m still little but I’m ready for a big adventure. As long as I’ve got a friend by my side I know I can tackle — or pounce on — anything that comes my way. And after a big day of adventures, I’ll happily curl up next to you and cuddle. Come by the humane society today. Our adventure could start right here.

If you’re interested in adopting from Kansas Humane Society, visit at 3313 N. Hillside, call 316-524-9196 or go to