Dear Santa: Wichita children reveal their hopes in letters to Santa

Artwork with Viviana letter
Artwork with Viviana letter Courtesy image

We were curious about what children in the Wichita area were saying in their letters to Santa Claus this year. So some of his elves with the city of Wichita, Cambridge Market and Starkey – who have a special mailbox for Santa letters – shared some of them with The Eagle before making sure they reached Santa.

Children ages 12 and under still may drop their letters in the special boxes at Century II, CityArts, Cowtown, the Mid-America All-Indian Center, Cambridge Market and Starkey until Friday. All kids who participate will be entered in a gift giveaway; children who include their age and return address on their letter will receive a response from Santa.

Dear Santa,

I’ve been trying to be nise to my brothers. I’ve been tring my best all year. I share.

Things I wunt

fuzzy white owl with googly eyes

butterflies that will tace me wherever I wunt. neck lace making kit. I will bring you coocees.

Love, Ella

Dear Santa,

I just wanted to ask if Mrs. Claus is ok I also wanted to know if the elves are Ok. I have had good report cards in school I have also been a good girl in home and at school. I also wanted to tell you that you are my favorite holiday person and Christmas is my favorite holiday. This is my Christmas list for this year, I would mostly like the American Girl Samantha’s ice cream parlor. If you can’t bring me that I would like a Dareway, the Lego Friends dolphin cruise ship and the Lego Friends jungle rescue set. This is all I want for Christmas this year. I hope you can bring the Dareway or the American Girl Samantha’s ice cream parlor.

Sincerely, Sophie

Dear Santa,

My name is Ryan and I am 4 years old. I love you and tell Rudolph Hi for me. I leave carrot for the reindeer and cookies and milk for you. Please bring me a motorcycle, helicopter, and a password journal. Thank you and I cant wait to open gifts.

Love, Ryan

Dear Santa,

Will you please bring me a Christmas present? I’m making some holiday cookies and some milk. Are the reindeers getting ready for Christmas? All I want for Christmas is Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for WiiU, Super Smash Brothers for WiiU. A Link Amiibo figurine. A ipad mini 3 64gb in gold. And please make sure you bring presents to all children.

Love, Trina

Dear Santa,

How do your reindeer fly? Do you think you will come to my town and have pancakes with my sister and I again? We really loved seeing last year.

I have tried very hard to be a good boy this year. Will you please visit me on Christmas Eve? I would really like a

▪ new dirt bike

▪ a remote control monster truck

▪ a robot

fly safe

Kooper (age 5)

Dear Santa,

My name is Viviana

I’m 2 yrs old (my mommy is helping me write to you). What I want for this year is ...



dora and friends cafe

a dress

guitar with w/microphone

a baby toy

lip stick

Thank you, Vivi

Dear Santa,

I want mincraft and pokimon. Has Rudolph doing? I have learning multiplcation.

Love, Chase

Dear Santa

Merry Christmas.

I have been really good.

Please bring me a blue truck with a tow hook, a red monster truck with a tow hook, a stomp and chomp grimlock with Optimus prime, and a glow in the dark gravity race car.

I love you Santa!

I hope you sleep good


Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year.

Could you please bring me my own chess set to play with my brother? Also I would like a unicorn that’s white with rainbow hair.

Love, Delaney

Hello Santa,

How have you been? Hope fine.

I have been good this year. Please bring me this Christmas:

▪ A box of lightning mcqueen cars.

▪ Hot wheels cars.

▪ Please help poor kids around the world get presents this Christmas.

▪ Maisto car set

▪ Matchbox set.

▪ Lego set

Thank you Santa, Elijah

deer Santa

i wonte 6 tomica cars and one tomica toyota prius hibrid puddy please

by Giovanni

Dear Santa

My name is Mylie and I am wanting playdoh and some monster high. I want a tablet and a new blanket and on the blanket I want a picture of minnie mouse. I have ben a good girl this year.

Love, Mylie, Age 7 yrs

Dear Santa,

I hope I have been good so I can get presents. If I have been a good girl this is what I would like!

1. an electric scooter

2. a laptop

3. and I also want some farm animals

4. and I would also want the people who don’t have money to have money so they can buy presents for their kids.

5. a big set of like stuff for horse play horses.

6. an american girl doll set like a house.

Love, Ashlynn

Dear Santa

What I would like for Christmas is a nerf gun cross bow and the new rockboard scooter so I can ride it to school when it is warm I would also like a artic Lego city set and the big tow truck lego set and the airport lego set and the lego creator four wheeler monster truck and race car set all in one.

Love, Drew

Hi Santa,

My name is Laykin and I’m so excited to see you. and I just want to say HO HO HO! Tell the elves and the reindeer Hi for me and I am waiting for my elf in the mail. Could you please bring me Frozen’s Elsa and Anna stuff, and new boots. Don’t forget Doc McStuffin too. I love her, I was even Doc for Halloween.

Love Alway, Laykin

Dear Santa

My name is Madison. I am six. I have been good. for Christmas I want Doc’s Mobile Clinic, a sewing machine, Elsa doll and a Frozzen dvd. I want a booster seat. I will leave milk and cookies for Santa. I will leave carrots for the reindeers. Have a safe sleigh ride.

Love, Madison

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I would like:

▪ Barbie house

▪ Nerf bow and arrow

▪ Jeep

▪ Monster High doll

▪ Sofia friends

▪ Legos

Merry Christmas

Love, Ava

Dear Santa

I would like for Christmas

1. Ravo speed helmet with visor

2. Oakley sun glasses sport kind

3. Call up duty advanced warfare

4. Hunting camo cross bow

5. Beats head phons

6. Pelet gun

7. NFL board game

8. Pairs of Nike elite socks

9. Under armour dri fit underwear

10. Roller blades and a helmet

11. Elf on the shelf

12. Gold and black lebrons

13. Artic lego set

14. Cross bow and tarkets

From Caden


I have been a good boy. this is a list of what i want.

1. Toy top

2. Astronaut

3. Book of baseball

4. Cap

5. Helmet

6. Tablet

7. Rex

8. Toy reindeer

9. Slippers

10. Shos

11. Fish

Thank you.


Dear Santa

My behavior has been great this year.

I have been good in school

For Christmas I would like a remote control car and hot weels

Trak builder set

love, Gabriel

Dear Sant

My name is Valerie

I’m 7 1/2 years old.

I want;



my pass word jurnal

A small tree of my own ordiments.

Thank you, Valerie

Deor Santa

I want for crismis I want a ninja turtle please

I want a transformers 2 moster please and the little hulk and Iron Man legos please

Little Iron Man change. A big Hot Wheels five please.

Xiojohn, age 6

Dear Santa

Toothless dragon, cat stuffed awimal, new house and shoes.

Love, Elisha, Age 5

Dear Santa Claus

For Christmas I wood like toothless Build a Bear. Also the oragon movie number 2. Magic three house books and toys to.

Love Emmaline, Age 7

Dear Santa,

Hi, how are you? i want a footsole. i want a sled with a rope. i also want skinny jeans. i also want candy. i also want more junie b. jones. i also want a knew computer. i also want some more glass dolls. Some more head bans. i also want the game battleship. More paper. some more tenes balls. some more dresses. a radio for my room. some winx club books and Yahtzee.

Merry Christmas!

Love, Lily

Dear Santa,

i want a toy fox, winx club book, pool, a nerf reblle bow and arrow, a sling set, more pens, a box of crons and American Girl dool #F129.

Love, Courtney

To Santa:

My name is James and I am 4 years old. For Christmas I would like a set of tools for the house, a new sled, a fake car, a new pair of shoes, new underwear, a pool and a swingset. I have been very good this year.

Merry Christmas!