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Kansas State Fair food vendors doing all sorts of weird things to hot dogs this year

How do they come up with those crazy Kansas State Fair foods?

(FILE VIDEO -- 2018) Susan Bernard and Michelle Starks tell us how their creative process works to come up with wacky fair food.
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(FILE VIDEO -- 2018) Susan Bernard and Michelle Starks tell us how their creative process works to come up with wacky fair food.

A hot dog stuffed into a jelly doughnut. A corn dog covered in something it should never touch. A ridiculously long Pronto Pup. And the biggest burger you’ve possibly ever encountered.

All of these treats await Kansas State Fairgoers, many of whom are drawn to the annual event not only by traditional food favorites like chicken and noodles and Jaffles but also by the crazy, curious and sometimes even gag-inducing stunt foods that vendors come up with hoping to turn heads each year.

This year, the list of bizzaro offerings is extra long, just like the Papa Pup, a new offering from D&J Pronto Pump that’s an eye-catching 10 inches long. That’s double the length of a standard five-incher.

Check out this list of other unusual foods you can find when the Kansas State Fair opens on Friday, many involving hot dogs. You have until Sunday, Sept. 15 to try them. After that, you’ll have to wait to see what kind of craziness the fair’s food vendors can come up with for 2020.

Papa Pup: The fair’s reliable Pronto Pup vendor, D&J Pronto Pup, is offering something new this year at all five of its booths on the fairgrounds. The Papa Pup measures 10 inches long and dwarfs the traditional 5-inch pup.

Chocolate Covered Corn Dog: One could argue that this shouldn’t happen. But one could not argue that it’s not going to happen. The Hot Rod Grill at 308 Ft. Riley Boulevard will be selling this unusual treat, and not only will the corn dog be dipped in chocolate, the chocolate will be topped with festive sprinkles.

Fizz Cup: Why go to all the trouble of pouring root beer over ice cream to make a float when you could just impale a cup of vanilla ice cream with a plastic bottle of root beer? Duh. This reinvented root beer float will be available at Allens Peanuts, 306 Pride of Kansas Avenue.

Krispy Kreme Hot Dog.jpg
A hot dog in a jelly doughnut. Why not? Courtesy photo

Krispy Kreme Hot Dog: The fair has long offered a burger that used Krispy Kreme doughnuts for buns. This year, it’s bringing hot dogs into the mix. This treat features a Jelly-stuffed Krispy Kreme doughnut that’s filled with a beef hot dog, topped with more jelly and finished with a big slice of bacon. It’s available at Carousel Cafe, 306 Ft. Riley Blvd.

Honey Bun Burger: Forget glazed doughnuts. This year’s crazy burger will have two warm Honey Buns filling in for the bun. Want to make it extra weird? Top it with a strip of chocolate-covered bacon. It’s available at Y-2 Enterprises, 306 Cottonwood Ave.

Dole Whip: It isn’t that weird, but to hear people talk, it is that good. Dole Whip is a refreshing ice cream treat that people who frequent Disney parks have come to love. Wichitans went crazy when the new restaurant Crafted added it to its offerings. This year, you can find it at the fair at Carousel Cafe, 306 Ft. Riley Blvd.

KSF Bull: This burger is so big, it almost didn’t fit in this story. It features a one-pound black Angus burger layered with two sets of Kaiser buns, three slices of cheese, six pieces of bacon and shredded lettuce, tomato, pickles and onions. Find it, if you dare, at the Roadhouse Bar and Grill, 312 Cottonwood Ave.

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