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Wichita’s Chicago Donuts will satisfy your cravings

Johnna Kohler
Johnna Kohler

Who doesn’t wake up on a weekend or weekday morning craving a fresh doughnut or pastry? If you’re like me, doughnuts can make you happy.

Open since 1998, Chicago Donuts at 3233 E. Harry offers something for everyone, including savory breakfast items in addition to doughnuts.

On our visit, we ordered two No. 1 combinations, which included two doughnuts and a cup of coffee for $2.45. We also tried an apple fritter. The cherry iced and chocolate glazed cake doughnuts were flavorful and fresh. The black raspberry and chocolate cream-filled doughnuts were filled from top to bottom inside and were covered with powdered sugar on the outside. Both were very tasty. The apple fritter was pull-apart fresh.

Unlike other doughnut shops in Wichita, Chicago Donuts offers croissant and bagel sandwiches in addition to raised or cake doughnuts, doughnut holes, apple fritters, cinnamon rolls and muffins. A self-serve refrigerator stocks juice and milk. Coffee, cocoa and soft drinks are available behind the counter.

The shop offers a dozen doughnuts and a cup of coffee for less than $9 and is also good for people with late-night snack cravings, as it reopens from 4:30 to 11 p.m. each evening.

Doughnuts and pastries range from 85 cents to $1.30, and croissant or bagel sandwiches range from $3.40 for meat and cheese or $3.95 for meat, cheese and egg sandwiches.

We noticed more people taking their doughnuts to go because seating is limited.