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Wichita cook friends: $100 awaits the sender of the best recipe

We need your recipe for our holiday cookbook. And if you need $100, you might as well send it in.
We need your recipe for our holiday cookbook. And if you need $100, you might as well send it in.

All my cook friends need to listen up: I have an easy way for you to win $100.

The Eagle is in the process of putting together its annual holiday cookbook, and we need recipes. We’re trying to find a new crop of entrants with some new recipes we haven’t seen before. And there’s a lot of before – we’ve been publishing this cookbook for 60 years.

It comes out in the paper before the holidays, and people use it to plan their Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Meaning not only could you win cash but also city-wide fame.

This year’s secret ingredient is coconut. We’re looking for recipes both savory or sweet that incorporate coconut in a delicious way.

Categories in this year’s cookbook contest are:

▪ Appetizers

▪ Desserts

▪ Main course

▪ Soups and sides

▪ Bread and quick bread

▪ Secret Ingredient: You can use coconut in any form – flakes, flavoring, milk, cream, etc. – and you can incorporate it into any type of recipe, including desserts, sides and main courses.

Once we’ve selected the top recipes in each category, a panel of judges will choose the winners. Those top three – plus other qualifying recipes – will be printed in the Holiday Cookbook.

Recipes will be judged on taste, appearance, clarity of cooking directions and creativity. The first-place winners in each category will receive a $100 gift card, and the second- and third-place winners will each receive $50 gift cards.

The rulesEach contestant may enter only one recipe per category. Only Kansas residents are eligible to win. Eagle employees and their families are not eligible.

At the top of each page, include this information in this order:

1. Category in which recipe is to be judged

2. Name of sender

3. Address, including ZIP code

4. Daytime phone number (or best number to reach you)

5. Title of recipe

6. List all ingredients, followed by directions in standard recipe form.

7. Short, personal comments about the recipe’s origin or any other detail you care to share.

We’re looking for originality and creativity. Do not submit recipes directly from a website or cookbook without changing at least three ingredients.

You may submit entries by e-mail or mail, but they must be typed, not handwritten or scanned in.

All recipes must be e-mailed or postmarked by midnight Sept. 6. E-mail entries to contests@wichitaeagle.com or mail entries to:

Holiday Cookbook Contest, The Wichita Eagle, 825 E. Douglas, Wichita, KS 67202.

Questions? Please contact Jean Hays at jhays@wichitaeagle.com or 316-268-6557.