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New food event will focus on local food, local ingredients

Fork Fete will feature locally produced food and beer.
Fork Fete will feature locally produced food and beer.

A new food-related fundraiser planned for this summer will focus on local food made with local ingredients.

Fork Fete is scheduled for July 25 at the Riordan Clinic, 3100 N. Hillside. It’s being put together by Kat Frey, the founder of an independent business alliance called Live Local & Prosper. The event is focus on food and beverages made locally with local and regional ingredients. Frey is working on recruiting restaurants that would serve bite-size portions of dishes made with local ingredients. She also hopes to include a wine tasting competition among local sommeliers and a contest that would identify the best Kansas-made beer.

Frey hasn’t set ticket prices yet but said they will likely be around $50. She’ll share more information as the event gets closer. In the meantime, restaurants and brewers who want to participate can visit the event’s website.