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A biscuits and gravy food truck? Kansas Grown farmers market has it

The Gravy Wagon is a new vendor that is on the food truck rotation at the Kansas Grown farmers market.
The Gravy Wagon is a new vendor that is on the food truck rotation at the Kansas Grown farmers market.

Food trucks are taking over the farmer’s market, and now people shopping on summer Saturday mornings for fresh tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers also can get crepes, tacos and biscuits and gravy.

This year, organizers of the Kansas Grown farmer’s market at 21st and Ridge decided they’d like to add a few food trucks to feed the hundreds of people who pack in on Saturday mornings. Every Saturday, they have two trucks: One is set up on the southwest side of the market, and one is set up on the northeast side.

“So many people are there, and we wanted to offer something to our customers more than just what we are selling,” said Gunter Hansen, the marketing manager for the market.

The market rotates in different food trucks each week. Some are recognizable names from the established food truck fleet: Kind Kravings, Brickhouse BBQ, Uno Mas and Lynn’s Curbside Cookout.

Others are concessionaires that aren’t regularly out on the streets of Wichita and spend more of their time setting up at county fairs and festivals. Among them The Gravy Wagon, a bright red truck that serves biscuits and gravy, breakfast sandwiches, crepes and pulled pork burritos. It’s a regular at the market, though it won’t return until August.

Jim Beyers, who schedules the trucks for the market, said that the food truck owners weren’t sure the market was a good bet at first, but they’ve been happy with the crowds, he said, and all have asked to return.

“It’s working out well for us,” he said. “This is our first experience with bringing in food trucks, so we were on a learning curve. But as people begin to realize, ‘We don’t have to leave early to get breakfast’ or ‘We can eat here for lunch,’ they have developed a following.”

Here’s the schedule through August:

July 2: Uno Mas (gourmet tacos), Raceway Brats (new vendor selling brats)

July 9: Township Mobile Cafe (Lyons-based truck with burgers, sandwiches, etc.), Brickhouse BBQ

July 16: Township Mobile Cafe, Uno Mas

July 23: Lynn’s Curbside Cookout (barbecue), Kind Kravings (vegan)

July 30: The Gravy Wagon, Uno Mas

Aug. 6: The Gravy Wagon, LoLo’s Crepes

Aug, 13: The Gravy Wagon, Uno Mas

Aug. 20: The Gravy Wagon, Uno Mas

Aug. 27: The Gravy Wagon, Uno Mas