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New ramen restaurant in Delano overwhelmed with business

Yokohama Ramen Joint was too popular on its opening day.
Yokohama Ramen Joint was too popular on its opening day.

Ramen fans: Stand down.

Jack Fukuda, the owner of the new Yokohama Ramen Joint, has apparently underestimated the demand for ramen in Wichita.

One day after he opened the doors, he’s out of food. The restaurant at 613 W. Douglas will be closed today, Monday, but may reopen on Tuesday. He asks customers to check his Facebook page for updates on his reopening.

On Sunday, the tiny restaurant’s opening day, it was overwhelmed with people. At one point, there was a four-hour wait, he said, and the kitchen flew through a three-day’s supply of food. He had to close several hours early, and the chefs could not catch up for prep today.

Good problem to have?

Stay tuned for updates on the restaurant’s reopening.

(FILE VIDEO) Jack Fukuda opened his ramen restaurant at 613 W. Douglas on April 24, 2016. He had a soft opening several days before.

Corie Rast, manager of the Columbus Park Ramen Shop, demonstrates the proper method to eat a bowl of ramen.