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New Wichita food truck Dappery Dodo serves late-night breakfast burritos

The Dappery Dodo is a new late-night food truck specializing in breakfast burritos.
The Dappery Dodo is a new late-night food truck specializing in breakfast burritos.

Old Town revelers who get an after-hours hankering for a breakfast burrito now can easily get one.

A new food truck called Dappery Dodo Breakfast Burritos opened last weekend, and its owners plan to open the after-hours truck every weekend.

It’s owned by two longtime restaurant workers: Craig Miles Lloyd has worked at Bocconcini, Lotus Leaf, Fork & Fennel and more. His partner and roommate Kawner Neigh has worked in several big chain restaurants and also at Fork & Fennel.

The two don’t have their own truck yet, but until they can find and afford the right one, their friend and fellow food truck owner Donnie Hutchins, who has Mr Natural Soul Kitchen, is letting them use his. He’s not open that late, and he lets the guys put their signs out and decorate his truck during service.

“Donnie is this amazing guy,” Lloyd said. “He’s taught me a lot of things I didn’t know about cooking. He’s really working hard on improving the food truck scene here.”

The truck’s first night out was last weekend, and Lloyd and Neigh plan to open Dappery Dodo from 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. every Friday and Saturay night at the new District Marketplace park, just south of The Workroom at 150 N. Cleveland. That’s where Mr Natural Soul Kitchen is always parked.

The burritos will be basic – bacon, egg, sausage – and also a little crazy. They’re also selling burritos like The Longsilog, a twist on a classic Filipino breakfast dish made of garlic fried rice, sweet longanisa breakfast sausage and a sunny side up egg with a side of tomatoes and onions. They also have a Monte Cristo burrito, which stuffs a classic Monte Cristo sandwich inside a burrito.

The origin of the name is sort of hard to explain. But Lloyd laughs and tries. When casually speaking and admiring, say, a new pair of shoes, though, young people might say, “Those shoes, though!” If one would then say, “That burrito, though!” it would sound like Dappery Dodo. The two designed a logo featuring a well-dressed dodo bird, and well...

“It’s really stupid,” Lloyd said with a laugh.

The duo plan to roll out a new menu every final Friday. Those who don’t stay up past 11 p.m. will have a daytime opportunity to try the new breakfast burritos. Dappery Dodo will serve during the April 9 anniversary party at the Workroom, which lasts from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will feature food trucks and live music.