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Wichita’s first ramen restaurant has opening date, menu

Wichita’s first ramen restaurant has an opening date – and I have the menu.

Jack Fukuda says he will open Yokohama Ramen Joint on April 24 in the space at 613 W. Douglas recently vacated by the short-lived Tahini Mediterranean Eatery. He says he’ll specialize in ramen dishes that can be customized to include many different types of broth, including pork, chicken, vegetarian and vegan. Customers also can choose from original Ramen noodles or gluten-free noodles.

Fukuda, who also owns the Beard Papa’s cream puff store in Towne East Square, says he will have his original cream puffs on the menu as well as annin tofu, a popular dessert served in ramen shops in Japan.

The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays.

Ramen, the Japanese noodle soup most commonly associated with college dormitories, has become a foodie trend in larger cities of late. Fukuda describes it as the ultimate Japanese comfort food.

Below, you will find the full menu, though Fukuda said it could see some minor revisions before opening day. See you there?

Appetizer おつまみ

A1. Calamari Tempura-7カラマリの天ぷら

Calamari tempura with jalapeño ponzu sauce

A2. Home-made Gyoza- $5.50 手作り餃子

Hand made pan-fried pork and vegetable Japanese potstickers

A3.Fried vegetarian Gyoza- $4.50 揚げ野菜餃子

Deep fried vegetarian Gyoza

A4. Age Ebi-Shumai- $5 揚げ海老シュウマイ

Fried shrimp dumplings with special sauce

A5. Takoyaki- $5 たこ焼き

Ball-shaped baked octopus pastry

A6.Tebasaki Kara-age- $6.5 手羽先のから揚げ

Japanese style fried chicken wing

A7.Tori Kara-age- $5.5 鶏のから揚げ

Japanese style boneless fried chicken with QP mayo and lemon

8. Tuna Tataki- $8 まぐろのたたき

Seared fresh tuna sashimi with special garlic ponzu

A9. Kurobuta Sausage- $7 黒豚ソーセージ

Japanese Black Pork Sausage

A10. Hawaiian Style Edamame- $3 ハワイ風 枝豆

Boiled soybean in shell, lightly salted, seasoned with European butter and garlic

A11. Maguro Sashimi- $7.50 まぐろの刺身

We use only fresh tuna sashimi with home made sashimi sauce

Salad サラダ

S1. Tuna Poke Salad- $8.50 まぐろのポキサラダ

Fresh tuna, sea salt, sesame oil, soy sauce, special sauce, chef's choice salad

S2. Japanese style potato salad- $3.50 昔ながらのポテトサラダ

Potato, Fuji apple, onion, carrots with QP Mayo, special seasoning

S3. Chef's Special salad $6 シェフのスペシャルサラダ

Today’s special salad with homemade deep roasted sesame dressing

Rice Dish  ご飯もの

R1. Steamed Rice- $1.50 ごはん

R2. Fried Rice- $5.75 (pork or chicken) (shrimp add $2)  チャーハン

R3. Teriyaki chicken bowl- $5.75 テリヤキ丼

grilled chicken with homemade delicious teriyaki sauce rice bowl

R4. Chashu bowl- $5.75 チャーシュー丼

Roasted pork cuts rice bowl

R5. Zuke-Maguro bowl- $6.75  漬けマグロ丼

Special marinated fresh tuna with scallion, roasted shredded seaweed, sesame seed over rice

Noodles 麺もの

N1.Yokohama Style Ramen (Tonkotsu Shoyu)- $9 横浜家系 豚骨醤油ラーメン

Pork-based broth with special Yokohama shoyu sauce, chashu, seasoned soft boiled egg, black mushroom, bamboo shoot, green onion

N2. Shoyu Ramen- $8 昔ながらの醤油ラーメン

chashu, seasoned soft boiled egg, bamboo shoot, green onion, Nori, Naruto

N3. Tonkotsu Ramen- $8 豚骨ラーメン

Chashu, seasoned soft boiled egg, black mushroom, bamboo shoot, green onion, Nori

N4. Miso Ramen- $8 味噌ラーメン

Chashu, seasoned soft boiled egg, corn, butter, beans sprout, green onion

N65 Spicy Garlic Miso Ramen- $9 ちょい辛ガーリック味噌ラーメン

Special spicy miso base, chashu, seasoned soft boiled egg, corn, beans sprout, green onion, garlic flake

N6. Vegetarian Ramen (Shoyu or Miso)- $8ベジタリアンラーメン(味噌又は醤油)

Seasoned soft boiled egg, bamboo shoot, green onion, corn, beans sprout, black mushroom, nori, wakame

N7 Vegan Ramen (Shoyu or Miso)- $9 ビーガンラーメン (味噌又は醤油)

Vegan broth, gluten free noodle, bamboo shoot, green onion, corn, beans sprout, black mushroom, nori, wakame

N8. Gluten-Free Miso Ramen- $9 (Only Miso) グルテンフリー味噌ラーメン

Gluten-free broth, Gluten free noodle

N9 Yakisoba (shrimp add $2) 焼きそば-8.5

Stir fried noodle w/ yakisoba sauce, cabbage, carrot, beans sprout, sweet onion, fish flake, seaweed powder, choose from (pork, chicken or add $2 for shrimp)

Topping トッピング

T1. European Butter- $.75 バター

T2. Corn- $1 コーン

T3. Nori- $1 のり

T4. Kimchi- $1.50 特選キムチ

T5. Seasoned soft boil egg- $1 半熟味付け卵

T6. Chashu-1pc/ $1.50 チャーシュー

T7. Bamboo shoots- $1.50 メンマ

T8. Signature home made Spicy sauce-0.75 秘伝のスパイシーソース

T9. Garlic Flake-1.5 ガーリック フレーク

T10. Wakame-1 ワカメ

T11. Extra Noodle-1.5 -麺一人前

Dessert デザート

D1. Original Fresh and natural vanilla Cream Puff- $3 ビアードパパのシュークリーム

You must try! Fresh and natural cream puff from Beard Papa! Made to order

D2. Choco Choco Lava Cake- $ 5ベルギーチョコレートのフォンダンショコラ

Make from scratch! Belgium dark chocolate lava cake with fresh whipped cream

D3. Matcha White Chocolate Fondant- $5 抹茶ホワイトチョコのフォンダンショコラ

Make from scratch! Kyoto Matcha green tea fondant au chocolat

D4. Annin Tofu- $3 杏仁豆腐

Annin tofu is a soft, jellied dessert made with agar and almond essence. It is extremely popular in Japan.

D5. Ice Cream Puff (Seasonal)- $4 手作りソフトアイスクリームシュー

Our signature flaky puff shell filled with delicious smooth and creamy homemade frozen custard

D6. Ice cream (seasonal)- $4

Beverage 飲み物

B1. Coke products- $2 (free refill) 

B2. Fresh Brewer Ice Tea-2 (Free-Refill) 

B3. Fresh Brewer Coffee-2 (20oz cup)

B4. Flavored Lupicia Green Tea-4 (pot)

B5. Original Japanese Green Tea-2 (20oz cup)

B6. Slushy-2.5 (24oz cup)

B7. Root Beer Float-3 (per order)