Dining With Denise Neil

Which Wichita restaurant would you resurrect for one night?

Does anyone but me dream of one more pass at Kwan Court’s buffet?
Does anyone but me dream of one more pass at Kwan Court’s buffet? File photo

When I was talking to Bill Rowe last week about his plan to bring Willie C’s Cafe back for one night, I had a great (if not a tad unfeasible) idea.

I told Rowe he should get in touch with people who once ran now-closed restaurants, get their recipes and have a “one night only” pop-up where he served the dishes their fans most missed.

My idea got me dreaming about which restaurants I’d like to see resurrected for one night, just to get one more taste, and there are many.

What I wouldn’t give for one more bowl of Kwan Court’s hot and sour soup, one more cup of Caffe Moderne’s peanut butter chocolate chip gelato, one more serving of Red Mesa’s cilantro pesto enchiladas.

I might travel even further back in time, too. I’ve heard so much about the Chinese dishes at Albert’s and the pasta Gilbertini at Applegate’s Landing, but they were long gone before I moved here. Surely the recipes still exist somewhere.

So here’s my question: If you could choose any former Wichita restaurant to resurrect for one night, which one would it be?

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