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Marketer wanting lower-stress life starting a Wichita hot dog stand

Wichita will have a new hot dog stand in April.
Wichita will have a new hot dog stand in April. Getty Images

Wichita no longer has a hot dog street vendor, and Adam Bussey can’t understand why.

So he’s going to become one.

Bussey, who left his job in marketing to seek a lower-stress lifestyle after open heart surgery last year, says he will open Hot-2-Trot Gourmet Hotdogs in early April.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own food business of some sort,” he said. “This is very low stress. And it’s American. Everybody likes a hot dog.”

Bussey said he’s almost done building his mobile hot dog trailer, which can be pulled behind a truck but is small enough to be set up on the sidewalk. He plans to sell Nathan’s Famous hot dogs with toppings like chili, sauerkraut, relish and more.

He said he plans to set up at food truck rallies and local pop-up parks, and he also envisions serving at ball fields. He’ll also offer hot dog catering, where offices can pay to have him bring hot dogs to groups of 40 or more.

Bussey said he plans to build at least two more of his mobile trailers, one by July and an enclosed one by November. He may expand his offerings to tacos and barbecue when the new trailers are ready.