Dining With Denise Neil

Picasso’s expansion opens today with full bar, lots of seating

Picasso’s owner Kurt Schmidt is opening his next-door expansion today.
Picasso’s owner Kurt Schmidt is opening his next-door expansion today. The Wichita Eagle

Your days of fighting for a seat at Picasso’s Pizzeria in Delano are over. So are your days of munching on a slice and wishing you had a martini.

Today, owner Kurt Schmidt is opening his giant expansion into the space next door to his pizzeria at 621 W. Douglas. He’s added a brick-lined pass through between his original space and the one directly to his east, and in doing so has also added an extra 2,600 feet, a big bar and a whole lot of seating. The space previously held an insurance office.

The bar is the centerpiece of the addition, and it will give Picasso’s the ability to eventually serve up to 50 beers plus wine and mixed drinks. Schmidt said that soon, he will start keeping the bar and kitchen open later.

The addition has its own counter and cash register. People can order food on either side, but Schmidt wants people to order drinks on the bar side. The new space also has a closed-off area in the back that has a garage door leading out to the patio. Schmidt says he’ll use it for indoor/outdoor dining and also is considering renting it out as a private dining area.

He’s also added new restrooms in the addition and is proud of the tile work on the floor. In the original space, pizza murals decorate the restroom floors. In the new space, the women’s restroom has a tile martini on the floor, and the men’s restroom has a tile mug of beer.

Schmidt also is still working on his east-side store in the former Warren Travel Inc. space at 5900 E. Central. He says it should be ready by late spring or early summer.