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Lemongrass: A Taste of Vietnam will open in Old Town Square in April

Another Wichita restaurateur has settled on a name for his new restaurant.

Danny Nguyen, who owns Pho Hot Bistro, announced this fall that he planned to open a new Vietnamese restaurant in Old Town Square in the space formerly occupies by Allegro Cafe and Caffe Moderne before that. At the time, he didn’t know what he’d call it.

But he recently settled on Lemongrass: A Taste of Vietnam. The name, he said, is a tribute to his late mother.

“It kind of reminds me of her,” he said. “We used to have a back-yard garden and she would grow lemongrass.”

Lemongrass is a tropical grass that has a lemony aroma and is used frequently in Asian cooking.

Nguyen, who initially had hoped to have the restaurant open this month, said it will likely be early April before it’s ready to go.

Lemongrass lunch and dinner menu