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College Hill Creamery will reopen in January with new identity

College Hill Creamery in Clifton Square should reopen by Jan. 6.
College Hill Creamery in Clifton Square should reopen by Jan. 6. The Wichita Eagle

College Hill Creamery at 3700 E. Douglas in Clifton Square has been closed since Nov. 22 and it won’t reopen until next year. The owners are aiming for Jan. 6.

When it does, new owner Ryan Nall says, the shop will have a new identity.

“It’s going to be less an ice cream store that sells coffee and more a coffee shop that sells ice cream,” Nall said.

Nall, who has worked in landscaping for 20 years, is opening the shop with his wife, Stephanie. The couple bought the business in August from Caleb Shannon, who opened it in 2013 and ran it as a neighborhood ice cream shop.

The Nalls are giving the interior a makeover that includes adding a cozy fireplace and changing the color palette. It will have seating for about 20 people and will serve 24 flavors of ice cream of various brands. Eventually, the owners hope to start making their own vanilla.

The coffee they’ll serve when they open is called David’s Blend, and it comes from a San Francisco company that only allows Milton’s in Lawrence to serve its coffee. Because the Nalls both once worked at Milton’s and have a relationship with its owner, the company is allowing them to serve their coffee, too. The Nalls also are working with Reverie Coffee Roasters and will use their beans.

One very exciting partnership: The Nalls go to church with one of the owners of The Waffle Wagon, a local food truck that serves divine caramelized Belgian waffles and is run by twin sisters Janice Craven and Janet Bruna. They have agreed to provide batter (but not their secret recipe) so the Nalls can sell the waffles in the store as well. The Nalls also will serve other baked goods, like muffins and blueberry scones.

The hours will be 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesdays through Sundays. I’ll keep you posted on the re-opening.