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Wichita couple planning to open Little Lion Ice Cream

Jubilee and Ian Miller plan to open Little Lion Ice Cream in Wichita.
Jubilee and Ian Miller plan to open Little Lion Ice Cream in Wichita. Courtesy

Jubilee and Ian Miller have dreamed of owning their own business since they got married seven years ago. And they have a knack for making delicious homemade ice cream in flavors like strawberry balsamic and milk chocolate.

Soon, the Wichita couple will be owners of a new ice cream shop, which they plan to call Little Lion Ice Cream.

Ian Miller, who now works as the head coffee roaster at Reverie Coffee Roasters, 2611 E. Douglas, says he doesn’t know when the store will be open. They’re still scouting locations. But it will be some time next year. The Millers live in Riverside, and Ian says he hopes the shop can be somewhere in the center of town.

“We’re kind of open to wherever, although I would say we’re not looking far out west or far out east,” he said.

The ice cream will be made from scratch with fresh, locally sourced ingredients, Ian Miller said.

“This last summer, we just started making more and more ice cream and sharing it with friends, and we were really getting excited about how good it was, and our friends were getting really excited,” he said. “We’ve wanted to have our own business for a long time, and we were throwing around ideas, trying to figure out what was a good fit, and finally decided this was the time.”

The name Little Lion is a nod to the couple’s 9-month-old daughter, Florence, who the couple predicted before she was born would be a “little lion.” She has lived up to those expectations, Ian Miller said.

The Millers already have established a Little Lion Ice Cream Facebook page, where they will post updates on their progress. You can also look for updates on this blog.