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Louis Rose Hill Cafe offers big flavors in a small town

Louis Foreman, the owner of Louis Rose Hill Cafe
Louis Foreman, the owner of Louis Rose Hill Cafe The Wichita Eagle

Our dinner club had to make a snap decision on where to eat recently when our hostess wasn’t feeling too whippy. One couple had been to a wine tasting class at Wichita State University and had met the owner of Louis Cafe, Louis Foreman, who hails from Louisiana and has been serving made-from-scratch comfort food out of his little cafe in Rose Hill for more than 15 years. We piled in the car, and off we went.

▪ On the menu: Hamburgers and cheeseburgers, served plain or with all sorts of trimmings (blue cheese sauce) and flavorings (Cajun, Santa Fe, Southwest). The menu also has comfort-food dishes including pot roast, pork chops, meat loaf, chicken and chicken-fried steak plus soups and salads.

▪ Don’t-miss dishes: We ordered the Blue Moon burger, pot roast, country-fried steak and the grilled chicken breast. Sides we sampled were onion rings, corn nuggets, fried okra, mashed potatoes with white gravy and with brown, red beans and rice, and green beans.

The burger was great and was topped with lots of mushrooms, bacon and a delicious but not overpowering blue cheese sauce. The pot roast was fork-tender beef with lots of flavor that’s covered in rich gravy.

The country-fried steak and the grilled chicken breast were tasty as well. They weren’t overcooked or too salty, which is all too common in many restaurants. The side dishes were darn near as good as the entrees. Nearly everything is made from scratch, according to Foreman, and our taste buds confirmed this as soon as we started eating. I’m still thinking about those corn nuggets.

▪ Ambience: The restaurant is smallish with probably 11 or 12 four tops. The menu is on a chalkboard above the cash register, and when you order your food, you can see into the kitchen, a must for me when I’m dining at a new establishment. It seemed extremely clean and well organized.

▪ Price range: Sandwiches ranged from $3.19-$4.99 (our burgers were big). Dinners were $6.79-$8.49 and they come with two sides. Sides are $1.99 each, though customers can order large french fries or onion rings for $3.49.

▪ Service: After we ordered at the counter, we sat down and started uncorking our wine. Foreman promptly delivered four wine glasses and two foam cups for our libations. He had only four wine glasses and apologized profusely. We assured him we didn’t care about the delivery system, only that we didn’t have to drink it out of the bottle.

Each night, Louis offers a different special: Monday is chef’s choice, Wednesday is barbecue ribs, Thursday is fried catfish, Friday is steak and Saturday is Cajun night. We most definitely will go back to try these.

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Louis Rose Hill Cafe

Where: 107 S. Rose Hill Road, 316-776-9005

Hours: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays

Type of food: Diner/comfort food

Alcohol: No, but the owner allows people to bring their own bottles

Website: Louis Rose Hill Cafe on Facebook