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Food truck operators taking over Cow & Sow Deli space downtown

The Garden of Eatin’ food truck owners are taking over the Cow & Sow Deli space downtown.
The Garden of Eatin’ food truck owners are taking over the Cow & Sow Deli space downtown. The Wichita Eagle

The owners of a Wichita food truck are taking over a recently vacated restaurant space downtown.

Garden of Eatin’ owners Rebecca Amos, her husband, Christopher Gable, and her brother, Kevin Amos, signed a lease on Tuesday to take over the Cow & Sow Deli space at 612 E. Douglas. Owner Tracey Coln closed daily operation of Cow & Sow at the end of October.

The Garden of Eatin’ food truck, which opened in late August, will continue rolling, Rebecca Amos said. It’ll be called Garden of Eatin’: A Mobile Food Company. The new stationary business will be called Garden of Eatin’: A Food Company.

The plan is to open the stationary cafe from around 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. six days a week. Amos will stay in the shop while her husband and brother take the truck out, and she’ll serve the same dishes that are available on the truck. (The stationary business also will provide a kitchen home-base where she can do food prep for both it and the truck.)

She has other plans, too, including a grocery shopping service. People who don’t have time to get to the store can give Amos a shopping list, and twice a week, she’ll pick up items and have them in the store for pickup at the end of the day. She’d charge her standard hourly fee, which is $40 an hour, plus the cost of the groceries. Her target demographic for the service is young professionals who live downtown.

She also plans to prepare full meals to go that downtown dwellers can grab on their way home from work.

The truck might eventually be out less, Amos said, but the owners are committed to keeping its schedule at the new Pop-Up Urban Park at 121 E. Douglas and to attend seasonal food truck rallies and serve food at Central Standard Brewing on occasion.

The new Garden of Eatin’ will not have the seating space next door that Coln had when she owned Cow & Sow, but the owners have drawn up plans that will allow them to have about four to six four-top tables inside and a few more outside. People also will be able to pick up a few essentials there, including eggs, milk and bread.

“There’s no grocery store downtown, and we want to make that more accessible for people,” Rebecca Amos said. “We’ll carry some items in the store that are easy to grab.”

Rebecca Amos is the former head chef at GreenAcres and owner of Bay Leaf. Kevin Amos also worked for years at GreenAcres.

Stay tuned for updates on the progress of the new business.