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First-floor restaurant to open at 125 N. Market building in March

Caesars Table restaurant is moving to a first-floor space in the 125 N. Market building.
Caesars Table restaurant is moving to a first-floor space in the 125 N. Market building.

A lunch restaurant that has been hidden on the mezzanine level of Market Centre, the office building at First and Market, is about to become more visible.

Sam Kuns, who owns Caesars Table, is about to move to the ground floor of the building next door to Market Centre, called 125 N. Market, and will take over a 6,575 square-foot space that will make the restaurant visible from the street. He just signed a 10-year lease for the space.

It should be open by March.

Kuns, who also owns Air Capital Catering, opened the Caesars Table in September 2014 in the mezzanine space that had been home to several restaurants over the years, including The Lassen in the early 1990s and Italian Bistro in 2011.

His new space will have entrances from Market street and from the 125 N. Market building’s lobby, and it will feature indoor “patio” seating for about 34, a dining room with seating for 88 and a private dining room intended for receptions and events that will seat 32. It will also have a full bar.

Kuns plans to continue serving his daily buffet menu at lunch time, with a different theme each day, from fried chicken to Italian to Mexican. He also offers a menu and will serve breakfast, too.

He’s open to adding dinners eventually but in the meantime will offer complete family dinners that downtown workers and residents can pick up on their way home.

Kuns also is getting a full caterer’s kitchen in the space, where he can continue to run his catering business.

The current Caesars Table restaurant will continue to operate on the mezzanine while the new space is being built, and the transition should be seamless.