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It’s National Chocolate Day: What should Wichita eat?

Redrock Canyon Grill’s Something Chocolate is a perfect choice for National Chocolate Day.
Redrock Canyon Grill’s Something Chocolate is a perfect choice for National Chocolate Day.

Today, Oct. 28, is National Chocolate Day.

Not to be confused with plain old Chocolate Day on July 7.

Wichita’s two main chocalateries, Cocoa Dolce at 2132 N. Rock Road and Cero’s at 3429 E. Douglas, are celebrating with discounts. Cocoa Dolce will give one free truffle from the case to customers who buy four, and it’s also discounting its hot chocolate by $1, dropping it from $6 to $5. And Cero’s is offering a 5 percent discount off all purchases all day.

I always like to think about chocolate, and this day got me thinking about my favorite local chocolate creations. Among them:

1. Double-dipped chocolate malt ball at Nifty Nut House: Most Wichitans know about this gem of a candy and nut store at 537 N. St. Francis, and some of the most popular items there are the double-dipped chocolate malt balls. Each one is the size of an extra-large gumball, and they’re more like quadruple dipped. You’ll bite into a massive wall of smooth chocolate to get to the tiny malt center, and that’s a good thing.

2. Cocoa Dolce’s grey salt caramels: Chocolate should be salted, and Cocoa Dolce’s dainty, chocolate-covered caramels are topped with a generous sprinkle of grey salt.

3. Chocolate brownie at Ya Ya’s: This is not just any old brownie sundae. Ya Ya’s at 8115 E. 21st St. N. wraps its brownie inside crunchy phyllo dough then tops it with chocolate ganache, raspberry coulis, creme anglise and vanilla bean ice cream. The crunchy dough paired with the gooey center makes for a perfect texture/flavor combo.

4. Something Chocolate at Redrock Canyon Grill: Something Chocolate is truly something else. Redrock Canyon Grill at 1844 N. Rock Road serves dessert made of two cinnamon-chocolate brownies sandwiched around vanilla bean ice cream, topped with a layer of dark chocolate walnut fudge sauce and then frozen, dropped in a pool of warm caramel sauce and topped with whipped cream. It tastes so good it hurts.

Also, I’ve never met a cafe mocha (any local coffee shop), chocolate croissant (Bagatelle, Crust & Crumb) or chocolate custard (Freddy’s Frozen Custard) that I didn’t love.

What about you? What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate in Wichita? Let me know on my Facebook page.