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Which wine with Thanksgiving turkey? Wichita experts offer ideas

Which wine should you bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Two Wichita experts offer ideas.
Which wine should you bring to Thanksgiving dinner? Two Wichita experts offer ideas. File photo

You’ve been given one job for the Thanksgiving meal: Bring the wine.

But what wine? It’s not too late to find the perfect grape to complement that turkey, stuffing and pumpkin pie. To help, two Wichita wine experts have offered some suggestions.

Jamie Stratton, wine director at Jacob Liquor Exchange

Customers in search of Thanksgiving wine at the east-side Jacob, 3049 N. Rock Road, will find a “turkey table” stocked with more than 30 selections, all of which would nicely pair with a traditional Thanksgiving meal.

For white wine lovers, Stratton recommends a Gewurztraminer, which he says holds up well to the bird and beyond. It’s a dry wine but with hints of sweet pea, peach and melon. One of his favorites is the Gewurztraminer from Oregon’s Foris Vineyards, which runs about $15.

A good Thanksgiving red is pinot noir, which Stratton says is “light enough that it doesn’t beat the turkey up.” He recommends Angels Landing, an $18 bottle of wine from California’s Napa Valley. Rose also is good for Thanksgiving, Stratton said, because it pairs well with both turkey and ham. He likes the Cypher Pistil Rose, 2013, which runs about $20.

Bubbly wines go well with a traditional turkey meal, too, Stratton said, working to clear the palate. He likes the Naveran Cava, a Spanish bubbly, in either Brut or Bruit rose. It runs about $15 a bottle.

Guy Bower, WSU wine instructor, host of “The Good Life” radio program on KNSS

Wine is a highlight of Thanksgiving for Bower, who sent a long list of suggestions, all of which he plans to open at some point during the meal.

One of his favorites is the Gloria Ferrer Blanc de Blancs from Napa Valley. It’s a salmon-colored wine that is a blend of 92 percent Pinot and 8 percent Chardonnay. “It has such a beautiful aroma,” he said. “You could take it though the whole dinner.” A bottle is about $18.

Bower also likes the 2013 Mulderbosch Rose of Cabernet, a $10 bottle that is a perfect turkey accompaniment, he said. It also has a pink color. “This wine is good whether you like red or white,” he said.

He also recommends the Landmark Overlook Chardonnay, an oaked white that also offers hits of white peach and citrus. It’s about $18 a bottle.