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East-side Twin Peaks is back in business

The east-side Twin Peaks reopened on Monday.
The east-side Twin Peaks reopened on Monday. File photo

The east-side Twin Peaks is back in business. It opened its doors at 5 p.m. on Monday.

The restaurant at 8310 E. 21st St., which specializes in cold beer and barely-dressed waitresses, had been closed since July 22, when Homeland Security Investigations seized the restaurant’s point-of-sale systems as part of an investigation over the hiring of illegal immigrants. Inspectors say that during a September 2013 visit, the company was found to be employing more than 20 illegal workers, mostly in the kitchen. The manager said he would fire the workers, but Homeland Security later learned that some of the workers had been rehired.

The company that owned the restaurant, Le Grande Tetons LLC, pleaded guilty to charges that it hired illegal workers in September and was fined $50,000. That company has since sold both the east-side restaurant and the west-side franchise at 7325 W. Taft to KC Lodge Ventures, an Overland Park-based company.

A federal search warrant also was issued at the west-side Twin Peaks, but no charges were filed and it remained open.

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