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Cap’n Crunch corn dog one of the weird foods at the Kansas State Fair

A collection of fried foods from fairs gone by
A collection of fried foods from fairs gone by The Wichita Eagle

The Kansas State Fair opens in one week in Hutchinson, and as usual, it will offer a long list of bizarre fried foods. The theme this year is, after all, “Fried n’ Joy.” I’ll have a story story next week detailing all the additions and where to find them. (The fair runs Sept. 11 through 20 in Hutchinson.)

In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the really weird ones to hold you over.

Pumpkin spice funnel cake: The whole world, it seems, turns pumpkin spice-flavored during September, so why shouldn’t the Kansas State Fair join in? This year, the West Moreland’s concession booth, which sits near the corner of Ft. Riley Boulevard and Grandstand Avenue on the fairgrounds, will be serving fall-flavored funnel cakes.

Double smoked bacon popcorn: How do you make popcorn as delicious and unhealthy as possible? Pop it in bacon grease. Boxcar Express on Ft. Riley Boulevard near the Bretz & Young Arena, will be serving this smoky, savory treat throughout the fair.

Cap’n Crunch corn dog: From Family Foods, the folks who brought you Frosted Flake fried chicken last year, comes this invention, which mixes Cap’n Crunch cereal into corn dog batter for an extra sweet and crunchy treat. The booth will be set up on Pride of Kansas Avenue near the Capper building.

Oreo churros: Just when you thought churros couldn’t get any better, the fair makes them with Oreo cookies. They’ll be at the Kansas Wine and Beer Garden.

Chicken lollipops: The owners of the Jackson’s Foods booth, who will be the vendor in the beef barn, wrap a chicken leg in in bacon, smoke it and push the meat up to the top so that the bone is exposed and concoction looks like a lollipop.

Deep fried peanut butter and jelly: Are the fair’s other deep fried delicacies too much for the kids? Oh, well. Just order them a deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich from Tim’s Backyard Burgers on Ft. Riley Boulevard.