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Wichita’s newest food truck, Garden of Eatin’, hits the streets on Monday

The Garden of Eatin’ food truck will hit the streets of Wichita on Monday.
The Garden of Eatin’ food truck will hit the streets of Wichita on Monday.

Wichita’s newest food truck will hit the streets on Monday.

Garden of Eatin’, which will serve health food items and comfort food dishes at breakfast and lunch, will set up at All-Star Adventures at 1010 N. Webb Road. It’ll serve breakfast from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and lunch from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The truck is owned by former GreenAcres chef and Bay Leaf owner Rebecca Amos and her brother, Kevin, who also worked for years at GreenAcres.

The breakfast menu includes sausage, bacon, egg and hashbrown casseroles, individual baked oatmeal with fruit and chocolate chips, house-made blueberry granola bars with vanilla Greek yogurt drizzle and pumpkin breakfast cookies.

For lunch, the truck will offer dishes including chicken salad, salmon salad and tofu salad on croissant, smoked turkey sandwiches with cranberry orange chutney, savory apricot quinoa salad, Greek salad and more. For dessert, the truck will have apple streusel cheesecake bars, chocolate cookies, coconut cookies and raw cheesecake. They’ll also serve smoothies and juices all day.

They recently finished redoing a 30-year-old, 24-foot pull-behind camper that now has a big kitchen, a red door and a purple, orange and teal motif. Customers can call ahead orders at 316-260-2201 or e-mail them to gardenofeatinfoodtruck@gmail.com. The truck also will take text orders at 316-516-6069.

Read more about Garden of Eatin’ at www.facebook.com/gardenofeatinks.