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Spirit of the week: Sauza Silver Cucumber Chili Tequila

Sauza Silver Cucumber Chili
Sauza Silver Cucumber Chili

Sauza Silver Cucumber Chili Tequila

Recommended by: William H. Quincy, manager, Davis Liquor Outlet, 2303 N. Amidon

Price: $16.99/750 ml

Tastes like: “A surprisingly pleasing balance of the tequila’s rich, earthy character, the cucumber’s refreshing crispness and the chili’s spicy bite.”

Pairs well with: “I’ve only gotten as far as mixing it with Squirt, or Diet Squirt, for a paloma of sorts. Not for lack of possibilities, but because it’s so delicious. A perfect summer cocktail. The Squirt doesn’t cover the cucumber but cuts the chili just enough to leave a bit of bite for the finish.”

Comments: “I’ve been wishing for a tequila summer for a few years now, and this Sauza Silver Cucumber Chili has motivated that notion splendidly. I’m hopeful that I can break away from this compound to try some fresh fruit margaritas, maybe a spicy mango.”

Denise Neil