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Unique new wine bottles feature Wichita, WSU etchings

Manos wine is selling several Wichita-centric etched wine bottles, including these featuring WSU logos.
Manos wine is selling several Wichita-centric etched wine bottles, including these featuring WSU logos.

Patrons of local liquor stores will soon start noticing some eye-catching bottles of wine that are hand-etched, hand-painted odes to Wichita.

Manos Wine, which is based in Kansas City, is the maker of the wine and recently entered the Wichita market. The company started as a business providing corporate gift baskets but now has a wine division. The company makes its own wine and sells it in bottles featuring pictures of various cities’ names, landmarks, mascots. The bottles already are in several local liquor stores and will be in many more soon. On the list to get them are nearly 35 stores, including Jacob, Goebel, Davis, Ryan’s, Auburn Spirits, ABC and more.

“Literally every single one is hand-etched and hand-painted,” said Kyle Rensenhouse, the company’s C.O.O. “Every bottle done by hand. They are true works of art.”

The bottles, each of which costs around $45, come in a variety of Wichita styles: A Keeper of the Plains, an outline of the state of Kansas with a heart marking Wichita and more. The company also has a license to sell bottles featuring WuShock and the WSU logo. The Wichita market also will get some of the bottles designed for the Kansas City market featuring sports logos. Manos makes custom bottles for several cities across the country, including Denver, San Francisco and Manhattan, Kan. (See pictures of all the bottles at maonswine.com, where you can also place orders.)

The bottles are filled with several varieties of wines, which the company makes itself in Kansas City using grapes shipped in from California, Washington, etc. The wine is not bad, said local wine expert Whitney Stratton, who works at Jacob Liquor, and it has a nice fruity profile that Wichita likes. Manos makes a signature red blend, a signature white blend, a Cabernet and a Syrah. (Jacob should be getting its shipment soon.)

The company is also coming out with a line of accessories so if people want to actually drink the wine and not just preserve it in the beautiful bottle, they can reseal it or reuse the bottle, serving other things out of it. They’ll also soon be selling metal holders that will let people display the wine bottles as art in their homes.

For more information, visit manoswine.com or call 877-627-0545.