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Who makes Wichita’s best french fries?

The Flying Stove’s truffle fries. Don’t even get me started.
The Flying Stove’s truffle fries. Don’t even get me started. Courtesy photo

Today, July 13, is National French Fry Day, according to the folks who declare random days. (I, for one, am still recovering from National Ice Cream Cone Day.)

What better time to discuss the best french fries in Wichita?

This is a topic that will no doubt galvanize families and put best friends at odds. Some prefer giant, mushy steak fries. Others like them thin and crispy. Some like them with the skin still on. Others are McDonald’s devotees.

Following are my nominations for Wichita’s best fries. Please chime in with yours.

1. Freddy’s Frozen Custard shoestring fries: This fast-food restaurant has my favorite super-thin burger, and its super-thin matchstick fries are right up there, too. They’re so crunchy, so perfectly salted. The best way to eat them is to bunch six or seven of them up on a fork or between your fingers, dip them into a container of ketchup, and stuff ’em in your mouth.

2. The Flying Stove’s truffle fries: I love the pungent smell and flavor of truffle oil, and The Flying Stove food truck uses it in perfect amounts on its famous truffle fries, which they also shake up with a little Parmesan cheese and herbs. I’d eat these until my heart clogged if I didn’t have better sense. I also love the truffle fries served by the Hyatt Kitchen/Bar and The Anchor.

3. Dempsey’s Burger Pub’s fries – all of them. When I reviewed Dempsey’s earlier this year, I extolled the virtues of their fries, which are served skin-on and perfectly seasoned. And they come in several flavors, from original to truffle to fire fries tossed in chili garlic oil and topped with red pepper flakes.

4. The Anchor’s sweet potato fries: Several years ago when sweet potato fries were first becoming a thing, The Anchor perfected them, and they’re still one of the bar’s most popular side items. Their texture is just right, and that’s hard to achieve with sweet potatoes, which tend to fry up mushy.

Want to weigh in with your nomination? If I get a good response, I’ll compile a top 10 list.

Just go to my Facebook page and name your favorite fries in the comments section.