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Wichita waitress named Miss Twin Peaks 2015

Wichita’s Aubrey Smith was named Miss Twin Peaks 2015.
Wichita’s Aubrey Smith was named Miss Twin Peaks 2015.

Twin Peaks restaurants are known for their pretty, scantily clad waitresses.

And now, Wichita’s east-side Twin Peaks will be known for having the prettiest scantily clad waitress of them all.

Last week, Aubrey Smith – a 23-year-old waitress at the Twin Peaks at 8310 E. 21st St. – was named Miss Twin Peaks 2015 at a pageant-like competition in Dallas. In addition to earning $6,000 in prize money, Smith will be featured on the cover and in the centerfold of the 2016 Twin Peaks calendar. She’ll also travel the country doing meet-and-greets and helping open new Twin Peaks restaurants. Wichita meet-and-greets are on the schedule, too.

Smith, who was chosen as the local restaurant’s winner in May, was one of 66 women to compete in the national contest. She participated in a swimsuit round, a lingerie round and a question-and-answer session. Smith said she was asked which celebrity she would like to be.

“I said Jennifer Lopez,” said Smith, who is Hispanic. “I’ve loved her since her ‘Selena’ days, and I’m sticking to my Latina roots.”

Smith has worked at Twin Peaks since the east store opened three years ago. Her 21-year-old sister, Madison, also works there. Family and friends gathered at the east Wichita restaurant to watch the contest, which was broadcast at all Twin Peaks restaurants across the country, she said.

Smith grew up in Wichita and graduated from East High School in 2010. She’s about to graduate from Butler Community College with her associate’s degree and will attend Wichita State University to earn a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

Smith said her co-workers were excited about her win, and the customers have been too. She predicts she’ll have no trouble selling calendars at her restaurant.

“They were super happy about it and so happy Wichita took home the crown,” she said. “The meet-and-greets I’m going to do will be awesome and help us do a lot more business.”

For more photos from the pageant, visit the east side Twin Peaks Facebook page.