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An established fish-and-chips business will be rolling into Wichita on Friday

Wichita has lots of local food trucks.

But on Friday, it’ll get a visit from a Wyoming-based chain of food trucks that deals in fish and chips.

On the Hook Fish and Chips will be parked from 11 a.m to 7 p.m. Friday, Oct. 4, at the AutoZone at 529 N. Tyler Road serving items from its simple and straightforward menu that offers two things: fish and fries.

There are eight On the Hook Fish and Chips food trucks roaming the country with three more on the way. The food truck chain is entering Kansas this week. Courtesy photo

The fish is special, said owner Ocean Andrews, because it’s fried wild Alaskan cod caught by his father, who is the captain of a fishing boat in Alaska, and then flash frozen within 30 minutes.

Andrews said he started his first food truck with his friend and partner, Hunter Andersen, in 2016 in Laramie, Wyoming. Both were students at the University of Wyoming.

“We got our first truck, and we did really well with it that summer, so we kept it going part time during the fall and spring semester,” he said. “We did so well the first year, we were able to build a second one right away.”

Now, the partners have a fleet of eight On the Hook Trucks with three more almost ready to go. They send the trucks out all over, and so far, they’ve set up routes through Wyoming, Idaho, South Dakota, Colorado, Utah, Iowa and Nebraska. This week, the truck that’s concentrated in Nebraska is moving into Kansas. Its first stop will be Thursday in Salina followed by Friday in Wichita and Saturday in Manhattan.

Ocean said he anticipates that the truck will roll though town about once a month. If it goes over big in Wichita, though, they could increase the frequency to once a week.

Once they enter a state, they try to cover it pretty thoroughly, Ocean said, stopping in towns that have a population of 5,000 or more.

“We try to just hit everything and then just come up with a regular schedule so we can cover as much area as possible,” he said.

People who want to keep up with On the Hook’s Kansas schedule can follow along on its website. There’s even a way to sign up to get alerts when the truck will be in or near Wichita.

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On the Hook Fish and Chips menu

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