Dining With Denise Neil

Several Wichita restaurants serving up pink versions of their tacos next month

Pink has become the official color of Breast Cancer Awareness, and since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, everything will start getting pretty pastel pretty soon.

This year, tacos will also be on the list thanks to Wichita’s charity-minded new tortilla factory, Pinole Blue. Owner Eddie Sandoval says his factory, which is at 242 N. Cleveland, is switching its tortilla color from blue to pink in October to help mark the occasion — and to raise money for the cause. Sandoval plans to donate 10 percent of all his pink tortilla sales to the Susan G. Komen Foundation, and many of the restaurants purchasing tortillas from him are planning their own donations.

Sandoval said the pink color is achieved by using a special Non-GMO pink corn, then adding beet juice to the mix to make the tortillas even more vibrant.

Several local restaurants have signed on to use them this October, including Taco Locale, the new taco place at Revolutsia, the shipping container mall at Central and Volutsia. Chef Carlos Vera said his tacos will all be served on pink tortillas during October, and he plans to donate all cash tips collected during the month to breast cancer research.

Los Compadres at 3213 N. Toben also is serving the pink tortillas in the form of chips and tacos throughout October and will donate 10 percent of its own proceeds to the cause.

Also featuring the pink tortillas this month: District Taqueria, El Viejito and Public at the Brickyard, whose owners anticipate ordering lots of pink tortillas since tacos are their best-selling menu item.

Some shops also will be selling packages of the pink tortillas, including Green Acres and Prairie Harvest in Newton.

Denise Neil has covered restaurants and entertainment since 1997. Her Dining with Denise Facebook page is the go-to place for diners to get information about local restaurants. She’s a regular judge at local food competitions and speaks to groups all over Wichita about dining.