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The return of Jack’s North Hi Carryout was short-lived, but owners will try again soon

Jack’s North Hi Carryout reopened with its newest owners back in April, and longtime fans of the restaurant celebrated its return.

But the return was short-lived. Just a few weeks after Armin Ghoddoussi and his mother, Akhtar Gharagozolo, reopened the historic restaurant across from North High School, they closed it again. The aged grill died almost immediately and needed to replaced, and they decided that while they were at it, they should replace the hood as well. Jack’s has been closed for the last two months.

But the work is almost done, Ghoddoussi said, and his contractor says it should be complete in about two weeks. Jack’s should be back up and running before the back-to-school crowds hit North High.

In the meantime, Ghoddoussi has created a new Facebook page for Jack’s, which includes its menu. But I’ve also included the menu below.

A man named Jack Robards originally opened Jack’s North Hi Carryout in 1951, selling burgers for a quarter and Cokes for a nickle. The restaurant still has one of the city’s most recognizable retro neon signs.

Jack’s North Hi Carryout menu

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